My Best Green Changes for January

My Best Green Changes for January

I have now completed my first month of changing to a more ethical way of living.  Each month I will do a round up of what I have achieved which will be a good way of preventing procrastination.  I’m aiming for five changes a month, some big, some small.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will have made a big difference in the way my family lives and shops.  Here are the changes I have made for January in terms of ethical living.

Giving up meat and fish

This was really much easier than I thought it would be.  I haven’t missed meat at all.  (Dry January was another matter!  There’s no substitute for a nice glass of Sauvignon).  I still buy meat for the rest of the family although they are eating less of it.  They have also enjoyed some of the vegetarian recipes and all the meat is now organic, free range and locally sourced, where possible.  I also want to cut down the airmiles of the food we are eating too.

The only thing I’ve eaten ALL month

Super composting

My sad little compost heap had been sat in the corner of the garden a little unloved.  I have been turning it and making sure I am getting a good mix of green and brown matter.  I have a Joseph compost caddy in my kitchen, so all the veggie peelings go in there and I add the shavings from the guinea pigs’ cage and give it a good stir.  I think I will need an additional bin so I’m looking at a hot composter to speed things up a bit.

Beeswax wraps

I ordered these beeswax wraps to ditch the cling film for covering food.  They weren’t cheap but they are beautiful.  The designs have a vintage feel and they can just be washed and used again and again.  Eventually they can be composted.  Definitely a keeper.

Ethical toilet paper

I have always used recycled toilet paper, but the plastic wrappers did annoy me.  I looked into more ethical toilet roll production.  I investigated Cheeky Panda toilet rolls which were made from bamboo and have paper and cardboard wrappings.  I emailed them to ask if they were suitable for septic tanks and they kindly emailed me back.  Apparently, they are but you need to use less sheets (maybe 3 or 4) so you have to be careful not to block the filter.  I wasn’t sure I could trust the younger members of the household (or indeed some of the older ones) to adhere to this so I decided against this company.  I went with Who Gives A Crap instead.  Obviously the kids are delighted that they can legitimately use the word ‘crap’ and I have now heard it approximately fifty billion times.  This company make their toilet rolls and tissues from 100% recycled paper and there’s no plastic wrapping.  They also donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need so another added bonus. 

Laundry Ecoegg

I have a child with eczema and found the eco friendly washing powders irritated this.  The only powder I could use was Fairy.  I tried soap nuts but they didn’t seem to get the clothes as clean, so my next step was an ecoegg.  No harsh detergents, does the job and doesn’t irritate delicate skin.  A good all rounder.  It also worked out cheaper than my big box of Fairy and the packaging is far smaller.

I am now looking forward to making my February changes but it’s a short month so I will have to get a move on! I am also starting to plan my garden for the year, growing fruit and vegetables and getting some chickens. Last year was a bit of a disaster due to the weather so looking forward to seeing how we do this year.

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