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Green Changes for February

This is my second month of green living changes and I have been concentrating on personal hygiene this month you will be pleased to know.  I don’t really wear make-up very often, but this is more to do with the fact it will mean getting out of bed ten minutes earlier.  I guess my slovenly ways are an environmental win in this respect.  I was also shown photos by an optometrist of mascara on eyelashes in close up.  Very off putting. 

Soap Bars

I’m not sure when we stopped using soap bars and replacing them with clumsy dispensers, but I fear it was probably down to some clever marketing ploy.  After having a wobble at small bars of soap that seemed to cost about a tenner, I have found that Etsy do fantastic natural, handmade soaps at reasonable prices.  We now have lovely bars of soap at our sinks instead of dispensers and I swear they last longer.  I might even have a go at making some soap myself. 

Shower gel

Remember soap on a rope?  No?  You clearly didn’t receive any Christmas presents during the 70s.  Soap in the shower used to be a thing.  It is back to being a thing in our house.  We often use the same soap bars in the shower as we do to wash hands.  Use with a flannel and give those pits a scrub.  They do a decent job and we haven’t had people avoiding us due to funky smells. 


Having a bit of an issue with smelling anything like an actual person, I am used to walking round in large clouds of Sure.  The tins, the spray, none of this is a good thing.  Not for your body or the environment, so I trundled down the path of eco friendly natural deodorants.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness.  I didn’t end the day smelling offensive (believe me, I checked) and didn’t have to reapply during the day.  I started off with a natural roll on which was refillable but have now found deodorant with recyclable packaging involving no plastic whatsoever.

Reducing the recycling

My main aim when I started this was to get rid of the amount of rubbish that was going into landfill.  However, as a family of five, the amount of recycling we produce also seemed a strain on the environment when you consider all the processing involved.  So much better not to have it in the first place.  Question is, what do you get rid of?  Wine?   Surely not.  There must be a better way.  I have found some of things we are recycling such as drinks cans are bad for the body and environment so ditching them will be a double bonus.  Buying items in bulk also cuts down on packaging and instead of recycling I have started using some rubbish such as yoghurt pots for planting and paint pots.  I’m think our recycling has reduced by about a third and I’m hoping to reduce this down further.

Ditch the tea bags

Don’t mind if I do

Coming from a family of builders, I probably drink about 30 cups of tea a day (I say cups but its mugs, obviously).   As most teabags do not compost completely, I decided to switch to loose leaf tea.   I have a little teapot if I’m just making for me and a larger one for ‘company’.  It’s actually quite nice to make ‘proper’ tea in a big teapot when friends are over.  Throw in a few homemade biccies and you are hostess with the mostest.

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