Five Green Changes for March

These are the changes I have been making in March to make the world a greener place.  As the weather has been improving, I have managed to get out into the garden this month.  I am a bit of a gardening wimp but I try to be as productive as possible on the sunny days.

Shopping locally

I am weaning myself off the supermarkets and rediscovering the local shops.  I think the last straw was when I had some pink lady apples delivered which had been bubble wrapped and then put in further protective packaging as if they were rare faberge eggs.  I visited the local green grocers in the next village and when I got chatting to the grocer, it transpired he lived a couple of houses along from me so offered to bring anything round we wanted.  He also sold other bits and bobs like clotted cream and bread.  The fruit was way cheaper and better quality than that which had arrived in my shopping order the previous week so a definite win.  I have a bread maker, but I only make the basics so if I want something a little fancier I head to the local bakers.  I am also getting my meat from the butcher which means you can get the actual amount you need, and you can take your own containers so no more hideous plastic trays clogging up the recycling. 

Growing Mushrooms

When I cheerfully announced I was growing my own mushrooms I was met with some sideways glances.  But nothing psychedelic about these fellas, just some little chestnut mushrooms in this kit.  The kit was really simple to set up and involved some waiting around but no actual labour which my favourite type of gardening is.  I am hoping I will have a crop in the next couple of weeks.  If this works well, I am hoping to branch out to some other varieties. 

pizza topping sorted

Bye Bye Balloons

It’s birthday season in our house for the next few months and normally this would be accompanied by balloons.  We have decided to stop buying balloons which will just end up in landfill or worse, float off over the countryside.  So far, no-one seems to have noticed, let alone complained.

Ditching the salad bags

We have often had a bag of pre washed salad sitting sadly in the bottom of our fridge.  If you manage to eat it before it goes wrinkled and/or slimy, it often doesn’t actually taste of anything.  This is one food stuff I was desperate to get rid of, so I have now planted a large tray of ‘cut and come again’ mixed leaves.  Whilst I was at it, I thought I might as well plant some spinach and radishes.  I have cheated a little with the tomato and cucumbers and have ordered some little plug plants.  I have done this for the last couple of years and they have worked really well.  Maybe next year will be the year we grow from seed.

Starting an orchard

I always dreamt that our move to the country would involve an orchard.  Although we weren’t able to stretch to a full-size orchard, we already have productive plum and apple trees in our garden, and I thought we could squeeze in some more fruit trees with dwarf rootstock to save on space.  I have ordered two more apple trees, two pear trees and a fig tree which will be a ‘patio’ tree.  I ordered the trees a few weeks ago and then, without warning, on a busy, blustery day, I suddenly had an apple tree that needed planting.  Unfortunately, the husband had broken my spade at the weekend so, undeterred, I set to work with a garden fork and a child’s plastic beach spade.  My twiggy little tree is now in position and I await the arrival of his friends.  I am having to work around the giant trampoline the kids talked me into getting which is now in the orchard area but hopefully there is enough space to keep everyone happy.

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